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Any tips or tricks for the upcoming Attitude seeds sale?

What's up microgrowery? I am a new grower, on 39F of my first grow, so far so good. I also have some bag seeds and some clones vegging, but I want some new strains, good seeds. I'm interested in making my first seed order, nothing big, but some new strains to introduce to my friends and family.
Attitude is having a sale in a couple of days. What can I expect from the sale? Does anyone have any tips for getting the best value for my money?
Here are some other Attitude questions-
as of right now, how can I pay? I have a paypal business card, but I don't think they take that? Do I have to figure out the bitcoin thing?
If I live in MA, how long can I expect shipping to take?
Should I avoid Attitude and go with another site like Herbies or Nirvana? I would like to just use my paypal to pay. If not, I can get a gift card if they allow them. I don't want to use my family credit card, and I don't want to send cash.
Can anyone recommend me some easy to grow strains that I can gift to my friends (flower and clones) and blow their minds?
Does anyone have a promo code to share?
Part of me wants to go with a bunch of single seeds, and clone them. Another part of me wants to get 2 or 3 different strains of "5 seed packs", feminized. This will allow me to pheno hunt, and avoid the disappointment of a seed not popping, or me killing a seedling. Pros and cons of single seed orders vs multi seed packs?
Thank you for all the posts and information. I am having a blast!
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4/20 Sales Thread

I thought it would be a good idea to have one thread about all the sales during the 4/20 sales.
We still have 5 days so I thought I'd post now and see how does everyone think this should be handled.
I propose we can keep this top post for a general list of websites which are doing 4/20 growing sales, and divide them according their delivery restrictions.
And comments section, people could post specific items if they think it is worthy of it's own spotlight.
Formatting and such will be done later.

Herbies - only during April 20th, 15% off
Attitude Seedbank - runs until April 20th 4PM (UK time)
BitcoinSeedStore - only during April 20th, 20% off
Nature's Green Remedies - only during April 20th, 20% off
THCBay - all of April
Smoking Paraphernalia - April 8-29, 30% off
Alibongo - only during April 20th, free delivery
Growing Equipment
MarsHydro - tent+LED light combo
ViperLED - 10% off, wait for the pop up
AdvancedLEDLights - 5% off - a bunch of discounts and free deliveries

HerbGrow's thread
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5-24-2020  Dr. Mikey Mewborn - The Great Exchange News Anchor Faceplants On KRQE News 13 4th Year Anniversary Commercial #1 reason why you should never trust a online seed bank ... BIZ - YouTube

Best Selling Cannabis Seeds: If you need tried and tested cannabis genetics that won’t let you down then look no further. Lose yourself in a world of intense pineapple pleasure or delight in a cosmic sea of blueberry bliss. You won’t want to miss out on these absolute classic cannabis seeds. Take a good look at these awesome favourites that have made Barneys Farm proud at various cannabis ... This whole ordeal has left me pretty unhappy as these seeds were meant to be a birthday gift. I would gladly change my review to 5 stars if i thought my package would eventually arrive but as of this moment im in the dark. Herbies also hasnt offered me any kind of “freebies” or condolence to help alleviate the stress of this situation, ive spent too much money on this site for the level of ... Herbies Seeds runs out of the UK. Gigantic inventory to select from. Herbies Seeds does ship worldwide asking you to check your local laws. Packages are brown and unmarked. You will get a tracking number after your order is completed. Many shipping options, delivery can be in 1 to 3 days. They let you exchange […] Herbies Seeds Shop Your gateway to high quality weed seeds. Welcome to the new and improved Herbies Seeds website. Here you will find not only over 3 000 cannabis strains, coming from 125 of the best seed banks in the world, but also a comprehensive source of knowledge on cannabis, high-class customer service and discreet, fast delivery. Industrial Hemp Facts Industrial Hemp News Jack Herer Memorial. Activism. Mission Statement Cannabis Warriors Celebrity Tokers 420 Girls 420 Bands 420 Activist Corner Fallen Warriors 420 Legal Action Drug Testing Petitions & Initiatives. Grow. How To Grow Marijuana Grow Journals Seeds, Clones & Strains Frequently Asked Questions Growers Forums Grow Lighting Grower's Lounge Cannabis ...

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5-24-2020 Dr. Mikey Mewborn - The Great Exchange

Come celebrate with New Life Covenant Oakwood Church on March 9th 2008 5:00pm at Christ Universal Temple 11901 S. Ashland Chicago, IL. Like en subscribe voor meer video’s. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Jangan lupa like coment share dan subscribe channel ini. Interview in London between Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium, and Sebastien Rouxel-An from StartupToken. Pioneer Investor in blockchain and bitcoin startups since 2013. Eddy Travia was nominated ...