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Any interest in a dirtbag leftist podcast that actually understands and can explain ECDSA ecryption in simple terms why it works? Who knows the developers of Tor? Thinks we should use the irreversible nature of Bitcoin and the fact that so many libertarians have it to steal money from libertarians?

No patreon, no special episodes, so no standard length and no set schedule. We are hackers, we can get money just taking it from libertarians or submitting exploits to companies, governments etc.
. We recorded our first hacker dirtbag left podcast episode, its being edited, It will be the second episode, the first will be listening series to correct the recent true anon episode. Explaining things in simple terms, demostrating hacks on DNC, RNC and other funny things. Overtly communist (like many hackers outside of the hell that is San Francisco and the USA).

And not just telling you what is right/wrong, convicing you in simple to understand terms, with two hackers that have ruined liberarians, scientists, in biology and genetics, contributing to open source projects. Trying to destroy the culture in San Francisco and the USA, by broadcasting from Montevideo Uruguay (for now). Lived in Germany, Turkey (pour vial of acid out for my dead kurdish homies killing cops in fatih), Romania, Korea, Vietnam, soon Mexico City and Cuba for a while.
We dont need your money. But if you could share it if you like it when we post it, that would be better than money, just so a hackescience perspective can be heard on the dirtbag left. We are cool with Luddites, we understand technology, we understand why someone would want to be a Luddite, but the Luddites on the left will still need hacker allies.
So the last episode of true anon, and really the history of the internet episode, really need to be addressed intelligently. So we will be doing that tomorow and editing it the next day for our first episode release. Maybe a few other Chapo universe podcast clips that just get things wrong.
Then we move on to telling the story of how the internet got so fucked, how became centralized, why the left has to self censor or get vists from ICE, FBI and Homeland Security. Stratfor, LOIC, why Tor is good (we will convince you not just tell you), how eccliplic cryptography works, and yes libertarians love bitcoin, so we should be stealing them from them, its not reversible, we can take their money/power and use it to fund leftists causes, from elections, to legal help. History of CCC and leftist hacker movements, Jeremy Hammon saga, what he found on Strafor's servers, and what that tells us about certain parts of the internet.
A lot of original reporting, with documents, explanations and good show notes, to convince you, not tell you what to think.
After we do a few episodes on how the internet got to where it is now, what the problems we face. We can talk how to fix voting, the internet, better solutions than just "nationalize facebook" that can actually be put into a bill and passed, how to stay alive and out of jail.
We even have some interviews lined up with hackers in other regions of the world, and criminal defense lawyers in the US. Tips and tricks, if you want to do praxis that actually scares the fascists, and how to do it safe. And most importantly, how to piss off libertarians and make money doing it.

Oh and we will start a forum somewhere off reddit that requires joining a web of trust to post, or maybe 2 dollars. That way when we find right wing idiots, we can punish them and make them give us money everytime they reveal themselves as rightwingers. Not perfect but it will at least cost them resources to invade our forums.
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Verge Currency Beginner's Guide

Verge Currency Beginner's Guide
A short Background
2008 was the worst financial crisis the world had experience since the great depression. The efforts of banks worldwide were not enough to prevent its occurrence. Shortly after, someone by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto offered an alternative solution. A digital currency that removes the need for a central bank. His proposal written in the Bitcoin white paper, is summarized below:
  • A secure, decentralized network.
  • A system with economic properties.
  • No need for banks or rule makers.
  • Instant transactions without a need of a third party or government approval.
  • Bringing financial services to the unbanked 2.5 billion people.
  • Total financial freedom. No one can freeze your accounts.
  • Low transaction costs. No ridiculously high transaction fees.
  • A currency with finite amount where no one can print money whenever they want.
In 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin, the network consisted of computers (in crypto terms, these are called Nodes) to approve transactions, movements of data along the chain. This allows for everyone willing to become a participant, creating a decentralized global network. Allowing for a decentralized currency, free of the control of politicians, or institutions.
The rules can only be changed if 51% of the network agrees on it. This way the network is completely democratized and resistant to hacking attacks.
Unlike today’s financial institutions, no one can freeze your account or prevent you sending money. You are the only person who truly holds your wealth.
It is an open source project. Anyone can see the code and offer or discuss changes with the community. On the other hand, anyone participating to the network with computational power gets incentives or pay, with a fractional amount of BTC.
The core of a secure decentralized network like Bitcoin, lies the Blockchain technology. To put it simply, the blockchain is like a series of Lego, connected to each other by linking information, called transactions. These transactions contain the following data sender, receiver and the unique signature of the sender.
The data will be converted into “hash” before being saved into a block. The bitcoin hash is generated using a set of cryptographic functions called sha256. This way the information is encrypted, is compressed and saved in the block.
Additionally, each block in the chain, contains the information from the block before it. This ensures that if someone tries to maliciously modify information in a block, all the block following this attempt will be changed, making it easier to spot.
Each block includes the information from the previous block. If someone wants to maliciously change the information in one block that change the complete result of all following blocks.
In this type of network there is only one blockchain, and all the information is kept in a public ledger which is shared amongst all the participating networks. For the blockchain to be valid, more than 50% of the participants (nodes and their computational power) must agree with it.
Bitcoin Today (2018)
Until today many, many, events have happened. The network has grown massively. The underlying code is improved in many ways. There are more and more developers and investors that have entered the cryptocurrency space.
Currently there are proposed changes being developed to the Bitcoin network that will make bitcoin rival the centralized networks of today (Visa, Mastercard), while significantly lowering the cost of these transaction.
Many alternative cryptocurrencies have been created along the way, improving some of the aspects of the bitcoin and focusing on certain applications, in the crypto-space, we call them altcoins.
The way that Bitcoin function, has severe flaws with regards to privacy:
  • Public Ledger: The transaction information is public, meaning, that transactions can be linked to a person.
  • IP Leakage: A persistent and motivated attacker will be able to associate your IP address with your bitcoin transaction.
Due to the above reasons, it was clear that there would be a need for a privacy coin. Different coins were then created that had this problem in mind. They were ‘too private’ in the sense that they completely by-passed the public ledger. The public ledger allows merchant to provide proof of transactions, which is important for bookkeeping.
Enter Verge Currency, formerly Dogecoindark; which offers transaction on the ledger, both public and private. Allowing the user to choose if the transactions are public or private.
2014 saw the birth of Dogecoin Dark; in 2016, it was rebranded to Verge Currency.
Verge improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining your privacy.
What is the Verge Currency Mission?
Verge Currency aims to empower people around the globe using blockchain in everyday life and makes it possible for people to engage in transactions quickly, efficiently and privately. With Verge, business and individuals now have flexible options for sending and receiving payments.
Verge Currency also offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions between merchants and small-scale private payments.
Is Verge Currency a private company and how is it funded?
Following in the spirit of Bitcoin, Verge is an open-source software, and a community. It is not a company, never had an ICO. The development is entirely funded by the community and the developers. Currently Verge is looking into setting up an official Verge merchandise store, and an Official Verge mining pool, for multiple algorithms.
General technical capabilities of XVG blockchain:
Protocol PoW (Proof of Work)
Algorithms Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl and blake2s
Max Coin Supply 16.5 billion XVG
Circulation Supply 15.2 billion XVG
Minable yes
Atomic Swaps Enabled
Tx (Transaction) Speed 5-10 Seconds
Tps (Transactions per sec.) 100 (Will be ~2000 with RSK)
Tx Fee 0.1 XVG
Privacy Options:
Tor + I2P Networks fully obfuscated IP address / User's Location is hidden
Stealth Addresses It enables users to anonymously receive funds to their wallet. Therefore third parties are no longer able to track receivers addresses, nor are they able to combine official wallet addresses with their stealth addresses.
RING CT Under development
See our blackpaper V5.0 for detailed information.
Development Updates
Marketing Updates


Verge is a community-driven project. The community is the pillar of Verge, from the past to the future, the community built Verge. The community or Vergefam connects everyone from around the world, regardless of cultural background. The common vision is to provide everyone access to financial freedom, and the choice of privacy while transacting.
Below you can find the Verge Telegram communities from around the world;
Official Telegram
🇧🇷 🇵🇹 Brasil/Portugal/
🇨🇦 Canada
🇳🇴 🇸🇪 🇩🇰 Norway/Sweden/Denmark
🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 🇱🇮 Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Liechtenstein
🇵🇹 Portugal
🇪🇸 Spain
🇱🇺 Netherlands
🇹🇷 Turkey
🇫🇷 France
🇵🇾 Croatia
🇦🇱 🇽🇰 Albania/Kosovo
🇷🇴 Romania
🇭🇺 Hungary
🇷🇺 Russia
🇮🇳 India
🇲🇾 Malaysia
🇯🇵 Japan
🇰🇷 Korea
🇨🇳 China
🇿🇦 South Africa
🔌Wallet Support
🖥️ Mining support
Mass Adoption
Low fees, quick transactions, high volume in circulation, multiplatform support, Wraith protocol are the ingredients that make Verge perfectly positioned for mass adoption. Transact on the public ledger for everyday purchases or stay private if you wish so.
Getting Started
You can find the matching instructions as below:
See the following useful links:

Official Links
Verge Team
Block Explorer 1
Block Explorer 2
Network Status
Verge Zendesk
Last Edit: Latest development update links are added to the Tech section.
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[Money] akkaROMANIA - 76561198221999804

[Money] Other cash fraud (webmoney, bitcoin, etc)

Accused Scammer:
| steamname: B.E.R.E.K.(RO]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:130867038
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Scam Reporter:
| steamname: edyk1ng
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:56882336
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Details of Scam:
Ok, so I posted some announcements on csgl & facebook groups that I sell my huntsman fade fn for 550 lei (with means around 124-125 euro). He addes me saying he wants to buy it, and that he will go first with bank transfer. I was glad about it, so I said ok. Since it was late, he said he will do it the next day. Next day he shows me a pic (the proof of payment) saying he sent the money and asked me to give him the knife. Obviously I told him I won't give him anything until i get the money, and he started to put pressure on me, without success. He said ok, give me the knife when u'll get the money. 2 days passed and no money arrived in my acc (normally it takes maximum 3-4 hours). Today I check the photo he sent me and saw it was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS3, according to This is a very advanced try to scam so I hope he gets tradebanned, since many people may fell for that.​
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Facebook GlobalCoin, Tether Buying Bitcoin, Strongest Bitcoin Futures & Crypto Interest Explosion Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students ... Dogecoin Mining Tutorial [DOGE] Cryptocurrency Help! Cum sa copiezi un trader la eToro B-ZONE MINEAZA BITCOIN PE URMA NOASTRA?!- SA:MP B-Zone.RO #11

Un proiect dezvoltat în România are ambiţia de a detrona celebra monedă virtuală Bitcoin. Este vorba despre Nihilo Coin, proiect dezvoltat de românul Ciprian Popa, care are acum acelaşi traseu pe care la vremea sa l-a avut şi Bitcoin. Valorând pe piaţă doar 0,13 dolari, Nihilo Coin promite să se dezvolte spectaculos, conform planurilor iniţiatorilor săi, beneficiind de o abordare ... Plex: Plex Media Server ( or newer) Plex Client with DVR support; Plex Pass; Emby: Emby Server ( or newer) Emby Client with Live-TV support Only fresh and important news from trusted sources about ro tinker bell romania inedit 3xforum ro today! Be in trend of Crypto markets, cryptocurrencies price and charts and other Blockchain digital things! Find answer by real cryptoprofessionals to your questions at our news platform! Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH. Un tanar din Oradea a anuntat ca a lansat prima plaforma de tranzationare a monedei virtuale Bitcoin din Romania, relateaza Mediafax. "Bitcoin este intr-o piata libera, necontrolata de niciun stat, pretul ei fiind dictat de cerere si oferta", spune proprietarul platformei pe care un Bitcoin costa 2.400 lei.Bitcoin este o moneda controversta si autoritatile din mai multe state se tem ca, tocmai ...

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Facebook GlobalCoin, Tether Buying Bitcoin, Strongest Bitcoin Futures & Crypto Interest Explosion

Forex Trading: Cunoaște-l pe Traderul român care a câștigat și risipit 600 000 RON într o singură - Duration: 1:30:54. Admiral Markets România 9,260 views 🔵 Join Coinbase Exchange + get $10 of Free Bitcoin: In today's Coinbase Tutorial, I walk you through h... Auf YouTube findest du großartige Videos und erstklassige Musik. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder mit der ganzen Welt teilen. Server IP : Forum : RPG : Forum Forex : & Blog: / Video tutorial cu opinia mea personala despre Bitcoin