Infecting Computers Through Crypto Botnet and Taylor Swift ...

A few months ago, everybody hated ESEA. Now, nobody even cares about what they did, what happened?

A few months ago, /GlobalOffensive was up in arms against ESEA about their software installing a bitcoin miner onto users computers to create a botnet for the admins to make money, having a legal agreement stating that ESEA representatives my come by at any time to check your computer for cheats for any reason and a super invasive rootkit that caused crashes that was made to make sure the players don't cheat. To top it all off, the founder then responded to the scandal by pretty much making fun of rival companies by comparing them to his own brother with Down's Syndrome.
This was a pr DISASTER for ESEA. Topics were blowing up about how to completely uninstall ESEA services and large petitions were being spread around calling for ESEA to shut down.
But now, it seems that everybody forgot about the scandals. /GlobalOffensive still advertises it and many players still use ESEA. What happened to make everybody forgive ESEA when almost any other company would be absolutely destroyed for these actions?
ESEA was found:
  1. Creating bitcoin mining botnet
  2. Threatening to personally rummage through user's computers
  3. Crashing computers with a spyware rootkit
  4. Making fun of disabled people
Shitstorm ensures
Everyone forgot about it and ESEA walked away relatively undamaged.
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